How Pure Photon Ltd Helps Traders and Retailers?

Pure Photon Ltd is business to business supplier of premium brand LED lighting, in order to ensure that we serve our clients by maximising their profit opportunity, we negotiate hard with our elemental parts suppliers who are vital to our design and manufacturing process. What’s more, we use partnership with other businesses to leverage our buying powers, this way we can bring the cost down considerably and ensure we offer an impressive price. In short, we aim to supply to the consumer market; through Traders and Retailers, an outstanding products which they can quickly relaise the value of.

For a full list of items on offer contact us and one of our sales staff would be have to discuss with you.

If you can imagine it we can make it
Average price of electricity = £0.14 KW/hour, 8 hours/day, 270 working days per year

Lighting Consultation

Pure Photon offer free consultation sessions to those who have a project in mind and want to expand on some ideas around creating a lighting project that is highly effective. Upon meeting we will sit together and create a step by step plan for the unfolding of your lighting project.

We may present your ideas to architects, electrical engineers and our manufacturer so that we can progress with an expert’s opinion as a guide.

Consultation sessions can cover any and all of the following topics:

  • What effect is the client trying to achieve on the space.
  • Time frame for the project.
  • Educating the client on different lighting applications and approaches.
  • Energy audits and lighting plans.
  • Options of available light fittings and costs involved.

Once we have established what you actually want to achieve within the lighting project, and you are satisfied with the outcome, then we would move forward with the project.