Check out how much you can save if you have a hotel, an office, a shop or a school. Are you in another industry sector? No problem! Contact us and we’ll tell you more about how you can save money.


LED for schools

Estimate running cost, 1 classroom usage 8h/day>270 days/yr

Typical lighting LED lighting
Fittings 6x80W Modular 6×40W LED Modular
Annual cost £145 £72
Savings in 5 years £0 £362

Lighting accounts for around 50% of any school’s electricity bill, so it’s no surprise that more schools in the UK are opting for investing in LED lighting.

LED for offices

Estimate running cost, open office plan usage 8h/day>270 days/yr

  Typical lighting LED lighting
Fittings 50x80W Modular 50×40W LED Modular
Annual cost £1200 £600
Savings in 5 years £0 £3000

 LED lighting is also conquering the office space because it’s one of the easiest ways to improve building sustainability and meet your organization’s environmental responsibilities. Undoubtedly the benefit of LED lighting is the high savings in energy consumption, achieved thanks to LEDs outstanding performance. 

LED for warehouses

Estimate running cost, warehouse usage 10h/day>300 days/yr

Typical lighting LED lighting
Fittings 100x250W High bay 100×150W High bay
Annual cost £10,500 £6,300
Savings in 5 years £0 £21,000

LEDs are ideal for large interiors like warehouses and mass storage spaces because not only do they consume minimum energy, but they are also more resistant to extreme temperatures and require minimum maintenance.

LED for train stations

Estimate running cost, 1  Platform usage 24h/day>270 days/yr

Typical lighting LED lighting
Fittings 50x70W Tube 50×30W LED Tube
Annual cost £4200 £1800
Savings in 5 years £0 £1200

LED lighting can help reduce costs, enhance public safety and minimise light pollution.