At Pure Photon

Pure Photon is a wholesale distributor of premium brand LED lighting.

We aspire to be among the world’s lead pioneers in the advancement and distribution of energy saving technology.

Quality is at the foundation of our development,  we strive to use the highest quality LED chips and components supplied by reputed suppliers like Bridgelux, Philips, Sharp, Citizen, Meanwell.

We treat all our customers like a family, and we believe in working on partnerships that would stretch the limit in order to promote growth for both parties.

Pure Photon’s innovations team can work with you to develop a tailored lighting design that would fit your business requirements.

Our products are engineered for easy mounting, with modern electronic components and light sources for the best energy efficiency and economy.

Our people

Our people

We seek to enable our employees to realise their full potential and to create a work environment and corporate culture that reflects the company’s values. It is our employees’ loyalty, commitment and ongoing innovative contributions that gives our company its competitive edge.

We recruit extraordinary people, giving them access to superior knowledge and tools allowing them the personal freedom they need to achieve their individual goals while supporting the objectives of the company. We believe that the working place should be adapted in the way to inspire and motivate our people to achieve excellence, self-fulfilment and therefore help to create value for the benefit of our customers.

Quality assured

Quality assured

We take pride in knowing that our LED lights are produced with top quality materials under highest automotive production standards, and have acquired all needed certificates for quality and performance – these include CE, RoHS ,Emc ,Dekra and TÜV.



At Pure Photon, we take seriously our commitment to the environment. Conducting environmentally responsible practices is good for everyone – our customers, employees and the communities in which we operate. We continually seek new ways to improve our activities and products in order to preserve our environment for future generations.

Hello from the team

We look forward to helping you make the switch to LED energy saving lighting today.


Directors at Pure Photon Ltd

Company Registration Number: 8959952, registered in England & Wales

VAT Number: 196798328